Ah yes, it’s that time again, time to feel like an old man as my inner youth constantly reminds me that I’m slowing down as I get older, time to grit my teeth and move my arms slightly faster in the vain hope that I’ll go a few seconds quicker than usual.

I was delighted to see that I had 14 x 200m sprints today so I set off out the door and did my usual 1 mile(ish) warm up loop before settling in at the start point of the 200m that id used the other week and was already familiar with the start and finish points so I didn’t have to think too much about it.

Even though the app suggested that I rest for about 3.5 mins in between sprints I decided to cut it down to 2.5 to save time as I’ve found that they surprisingly take longer than you think to complete the workout because of all the waiting around. Groundhog Day was happening not only for me but also the builders and dog walkers, etc on that road as this strange guy would walk up to a lamppost, turn around, sigh and then set off like a lacklustre rocket trying his best to go full throttle with legs and arms flailing everywhere time after time. My brain was screaming at my legs to give me more but the biological Scotty within was retorting with his usual “I’m giving it all she’s got! She can’t take much more!”

Finally they were done and the sweaty mess that was me could waddle back home for a recovery shake and a shower secretly pleased that I’d made it and was improving if only slightly given how my heart rate had been but also somewhat dreading the 12 mile long run that awaited me on the other side of a set of night shifts.

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