One way to beet the competition

A few years ago i read an article following a study by the University of Exeter which basically found that drinking beetroot juice can help you exercise longer and this is due to the nitrate found in it which helps your blood cells to carry more oxygen around your body.

If you want to read more about it then a short version of the findings can be found here:

Now ever since then I’ve bored my friends and colleagues with this stuff time and time again so i thought I’d bore a wider audience this time, you lot. Not only does it help with endurance but it also helps to lower blood pressure naturally so the benefits are two fold.

Surely there must be some sort of catch i hear you say? Well yes, there kind of is. Firstly the taste is an acquired one but a lot of them these days come with a small amount of apple juice included to help make them more palatable as otherwise it can taste like you’re basically drinking dirt. Secondly there’s the fact that it turns your pee and your poo pinky red and so, despite using it for many years when I’m training for something, i still forget and have a small micro panic every time i pee as i think my kidneys have packed in and I’m in trouble. Obviously I’m not and this is all natural.

Again, it could largely be a placebo effect but as the study shows there is some scientific evidence to back it up so that’ll do for me and I’ll take any help i can get so for the sake of pink piss I’ll knock it back and crack on.

If you’re interested in giving it a go then you’ll find it in most supermarkets and health shops in both the larger juice carton size and the smaller ‘shot bottle’ size. The shots might be harder to find and tend to be in the health shops but they’re great for throwing in a kit bag if you’re travelling to an event.

You’ll find out yourself how you’re body reacts to it but I’ve found that i need to leave at least 2-3 hours between drinking it to exercising otherwise i end up with a stitch.


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