Battling a serious case of the f@%k its

Slumps, we all go through them at some point. Times when you just generally can’t be arsed with something and your motivation is practically non existent. Well these last few days I’ve been a bit like that. I’d love to say that it was down to finding out that my dad was in hospital with a suspected kidney stone (it’s all sorted now and he’s fine) and that is partly true but I’d felt this way for the past few days. I’d let the diet slip a little bit and working nights didn’t help so all in all things weren’t exactly going to plan. I’d expected times like this because after all I’d gone from doing some occasional general fitness to full on physical warfare on my body and stripping just about all the fun stuff out of my diet. To be fair I’m surprised I’ve not been through this already.

Then, as if the Nike running app sensed my melancholic mood, it gifted me a most wonderful present, following the last benchmark run it had reconfigured the plan and i no longer needed to do the 12 mile run that i had been begrudgingly lining myself up. Now I’m not a religious person so I’ll just thank Elvis or the baby Chuck Norris for this little beauty.

So instead of the 12 mile run i had to a 5.75 mile run which worked out nicely as i had to pick the car up from the garage after it’s service. The run went well and considering it was meant to be a recovery run, i just can’t seem to bring my pace down by much compared to my ‘normal’ runs. The run was done with a couple of calf testing inclines thrown in and all worked out well in the end so to celebrate i drove home and knocked up some soup, a shepherd’s pie and some more breakfast cookies before walking the dog and doing the school run.

I even managed to squeeze some foam rolling in despite our Golden Retriever (Stuart) getting right up in face and nudging me as he clearly thought that it was game time what with daddy down on his level.

Battle plan for tomorrow is another benchmark run, a bit of spinning (not swinging, that’s a different blog) and maybe some time in the pool depending on how busy it is before battling the supermarket for the big shop and the school run. See you never hear Chris Froome or the Brownlees talking about that sort of shit do you!?

The fact is, despite initially having about as much motivation to carry on as the government have of sorting out Brexit (ooo he’s gone political), if you look for something positive you’ll find it and that may just spark your appetite again. And on that pearl of wisdom (more Norman than Buddha), laters.

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