A Bridge too far?

The last few days I’ve been feeling a bit drained both physically and mentally. Mentally is a combination of work as well as trying to balance everything at home (which I admit i struggle with but I’m fortunate that i have a fantastic wife who seems to put up with me). Physically I’ve been drained because I’ve had a head cold to contend with (which due to my asthma always has the potential to move to my chest) and a dodgy stomach that has led to me dancing the sour apple quick step (another Profanisaurus reference) for a few days now.

Imagine my joy then when the plan said ‘Recovery Run 15 miles’!

Now just to be clear I’ve never run further than a half marathon before so not only was this daunting because of the distance but i wasn’t feeling 100% and my legs were tired and heavy from some intervals I’d done two days before.

I loaded up my running water bottles and stashed them on my belt along with a couple of caffeine gels and my phone. I also made sure that i packed some emergency tissues just in case i was blessed with a visit from the poo fairy mid way through as we all know I’ve been caught out there before.

Just as i was about to pop my earphones in and set off i looked at my wife and said “keep your phone near you in case something goes wrong and i need picking up please”

“I’m not picking you up!” She shot back.

I paused, one earphone in and the other on its way to blocking out the world, “w w what?”

“I’m not picking you up, you can make your own way back!” She clarified.

“Oh ok then” I whimpered as i set off out the door. The first couple of miles were sore as my legs loosened up and my lungs opened but i eventually made it to 4 miles when i popped my first gel. This was just prior to crossing the bridge which I hadn’t done in a long time. Now the Humber Bridge is an engineering sight to behold if you’re unaware of it, once the longest single span suspension bridge in the world, bigger than the Golden Gate Bridge but just not painted or marketed as well. It’s great to run across as it has dedicated footpaths which make it traffic free and the sights are incredible which really help as otherwise it can feel incredibly monotonous trudging across it. I got to the other side and swung by a nearby visitors centre for an emergency toilet stop before cracking back on with the run and heading home, popping my second gel at 8 miles. It was about 12 miles in when it got really tough and my legs felt really heavy. I had to stop and walk on a couple of occasions but i eventually made it home and celebrated by jumping straight into a bath which my loving wife had made me and polishing off some left over spaghetti bolognese with a recovery shake. Oh yeah I’m a class act alright.

Even better was having to get dressed and go to work after that where i basically just moaned and groaned with every movement like an arthritic porn star.

That being said i had surprised myself by hitting a new milestone, literally and yet the plan demands more of me with an even further run planned for a few days time. No time to rest on my laurels just stretch it out, walk it off and get ready for the next round but try to have some faith that your body will do it, it’s the mind that’s the hardest one to train.

P.s. Yes i know i look a dick in the visor but it keeps the sweat and sun out my eyes without boiling my head.

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