Surprising myself

Another couple of days and another couple of runs. Spring is in the air and the weather seems to be improving so the bike should be coming out more often soon and hopefully the water will warm up enough to get in the lake.

Hot on the heels of running the furthest I’d ever ran last week the plan said I had to go one better and add another mile onto it and then follow it up a day later with some speed intervals. This was going to be unpleasant at best and potentially even demoralising as I looked at my schedule for the weekend and realised that in order for it not to impact too much on family life I’d have to get up at 5am on my day off to do the long run. Even worse was that I had to turn down the chance of a lay in from the wife 😭.

5am came, I rolled out of bed and crept downstairs, got my gear on and had my nervous pre run poo (standard routine) and set off. I’d changed the route slightly from before to incorporate some different villages to try and keep it interesting and before I knew it I was 10 miles in before I had to stop for a wee. I had to complete just over 16 miles so my plan was to sink a gel every 4 miles. It was a gorgeous morning and things seemed to be going well right up until about 13-14 miles when my legs seemed to tighten up so I had to slow it down and do some quick stretching. At about 15 miles I actually felt like I got a second wind as the pace seemed to increase which I put down to ‘home straight giddiness’.

I arrived home, knocked back my overnight oats and recovery shake and jumped straight into the ice bath that my family had prepared for me much to their amusement as it was agony plunging into that icy water and feel my testicles jump so high internally that I thought I’d got my tonsils back. That being said the bath worked wonders and I’ll definitely be including them into my long run routine from now on whenever I can. There was no soreness and I was able to run around with my boy on his bike that morning and not feel like a pensioner.

(FYI my nuts dropped back down again after a few hours you’ll be glad to know)

That run led me into the next day feeling quite positive but then my wife got called out to work so my run had to be pushed back later in the day (selfish I know but she does love her work and she’s great at it so never mind 😜). I’d had a full Sunday roast dinner just a few hours earlier and set off on the one mile warm up with a stitch already building in my gut but luckily this passed. I’d decided to wear my triathlon trainers (ASICS gel noosa) for a change and they felt incredibly light so as I set off on the first of 14 intervals I felt like my younger self back at school sports day zipping along towards the finish line. I managed all 14 intervals without being sick and with the pace being around 1 minute faster than the suggested rate despite cutting the rest period down between each one as I was keen to get the job done. I waltzed into the living room afterwards (not literally of course, that would require a different set of shoes) with a stupid grin on my face and my wife thinking I’d gone off the rails. I explained I was just riding the endorphin riddled high that had come from surprising myself on back to back runs and realising that the punishing training schedule actually seemed to be paying off.

“That’s nice dear, now move out the way of the tv please and make yourself useful by rubbing my feet” she said.

“Yes dear” I said and normality had returned.

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