When you think the whole world’s against you

First post in a little while but like my opening gambit said, it’s a case of when I’ve got time and if i can be bothered. It’s the time that’s been in short supply as work has been busy but then we’ve dropped straight into the Easter break from school.

We (the family) managed to get away for a quick break over the weekend so prior to that i was cramming runs and swims in to make sure that i didn’t need to do anything over the weekend.

In order to try and not be a boring arsehole i let the diet slip a bit and had a few drinks and the occasional bit of chocolate, ok a lot of chocolate and i could feel my self restraint slipping. Everywhere you go at the minute there’s chocolate and sweets splashed all over the place and it’s absolutely killing me (not literally obviously before the pedants start) not to gorge myself on it.

Then there’s the small fact that a few weeks ago my Ironman partner Rob told me that he’d injured his knee and may have to defer his place in this year’s event until next year. As i write this he’s waiting an MRI scan to see the true severity of the injury and is receiving physio on it. I’ve been working under the assumption that I’d be taking part in the event on my own and dreading that prospect as yes there’ll be other people there but that’s not the same as going through it with someone you’ve trained with and who can really help you along as much as you are them to get through it.

And finally there’s the Nike app that i use to plan my run schedule, those of you that use the NRC app with a training plan know that once a week it will adapt to suit your needs depending on how your training is going. So yesterday morning i checked the app and it said that i needed to do a 3 mile tempo run. It also asked me if i wanted to adapt the plan and i clicked ‘yes’. It updated so i checked it again the tempo run was still there. The day was a busy one and i made the evening meal (I call it tea as I’m far too working class to refer to it as ‘dinner’) for the family and plated mine up to save it for later. I walked the dog and then quickly changed into my running gear as time ticked on and was about to leave the house (the time being nearly 9pm) when i loaded up the app only to find that the tempo run had now been replaced with a ‘rest day’. FFS! So i sat down, ate my tea and was mightily fucked off that I’d been messed around.

All these temptations and knocks can’t help but make you wonder if you’re up to the task at hand. Then, this afternoon, whilst out with the family i got some (potentially) good news from Rob stating that the physio was optimistic about his injury and hadn’t ruled him out of the Ironman. Cue Rocky style training montage in my head as i set off on an 11 mile recovery run which was difficult but not impossible.

As the sayings go, “the night is darkest just before the dawn” and i believe Churchill remarked that “success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”.

Basically I just need to give myself another kick up the arse and crack on moving forwards.

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