Knowing when to call it a day

Sometimes you just have to admit when today is not your day and yesterday was definitely not my day.

I got my swimming stuff together and set off to the germ pool ready to tackle a mammoth swim. As i arrived at the pool i revelled in the fact that it was so refreshing to need so little kit to train. Well that is until i realised that I’d forgotten my pull buoy, what a complete and utter tool i felt!

Nevertheless i began the swim and tried my best to crack on despite my heavy legs. Things seemed to be going as ok as they could be until i paused a few hundred metres in to sort my goggles out. I paused the swim and whilst messing around with my eyewear my watch vibrated, “hmmm i wonder if it’s restarted the swim?” I thought. No, in fact what had actually happened was that a drip of water sliding across the face of my watch had made it delete that activity.


So i started a new swim and carried on.

After a while a person A started swimming in the same lane as me (the only lane available as the other one was being used for a private lesson). They were slower than me but we came to an unspoken agreement that we would keep to our own half of the pool and this seemed to work for a while.

Well, that is until person B joined the lane and it all went to rat shit. The increased population meant a change in the politics and one which me and person B seemed to grasp pretty quickly. We simply invoked the usual practice of all trying to swim in the same clockwise or anticlockwise direction which would’ve worked a treat had person A paid a blind bit of notice as to what was going on and been willing to alter their course but no, they just carried on doing as they pleased causing me and B to constantly zig zag our way about the lane clashing hands and feet.

I got to a mile in and came to a resounding conclusion of ‘Fuck it!’

You can’t win them all and some times you just have to pick your battles.

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