Going to great lengths

The other night I finally cracked 2.4 miles in the pool and despite it being a major psychological milestone for me because it’s the distance in the event that I need to cover (I’m aware this occasion wasn’t in open water before it gets pointed out) but also because as I’ve said all along, the swim is easily my weakest discipline. Through the course of training for this event I’ve gone from someone who swam because they had to and always felt out of place if I ever dare pluck up the courage to enter a dedicated swimming lane, etc to someone who still doesn’t particularly enjoy doing hundreds of lengths in the pool but can and without fear of looking like it’s my first time. I am by no means perfect and swimming coaches would no doubt have a list as long as their arm when it comes to identifying how I could improve but I will still some pride in realising how far I have come.

That being said one of the biggest kick in the nuts in relation to swimming is when you literally swim hundreds of lengths only to discover that you’ve burnt off the same amount of calories that you would do if you ran a 5k or tried getting off a beanbag quickly. It’s almost not worth it if that’s your main goal!

Still, marathon ✅ , swim distance ✅ and more time on the bike scheduled.


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