Blown away

The other night I seized the opportunity to get out on the bike and cover some miles as it was my wife’s turn to do the bedtime routine. The wind was blowing a hell of gale and according to the forecast it was due to remain for the rest of the evening and stay around the 20mph mark with higher gusts. I’d been wanting to do a particular circular route for a while now which worked out at just under 70 miles and was mostly flat apart from a few small climbs so I decided to do that despite the winds and no one joining me.

In an effort to conserve my energy I opted to ride into the wind for the first half of the journey as I figured that’s when I was the freshest but nonetheless it still made it a tricky ride with no real let up apart from when some surrounding trees would shelter me briefly from the gusts before hitting me again when I reappeared beyond them on the quiet little country roads that I was navigating. A few surprise crosswinds nearly had me on my arse but fortunately I was holding on enough to stay upright.

I got to the halfway(ish) point where after a few miles the headwind became a tailwind and I was on my way, loving it, cruising along at 30mph picturing myself as part of the peloton in a major event wondering how the hell they average speeds like this across an entire day.

The miles ticked by and the lack of music in my ears meant my mind was thinking about all sorts of shit just to pass the time whilst I also admired the views around me. Sometimes I went for miles before I saw another human being which felt quite nice in contrast to some of the other busier parts where knobheads would deliberately overtake you really closely just because you’d briefly slowed them down for a few seconds.

I called into the only shop for miles around just to get a quick snack to complement the gels I’d brought with me and unbelievably they didn’t take contactless so back on the shelf they went as I’d only brought my phone out with me. Who the hell doesn’t take contactless in this day and age! I don’t think I’ve used cash since about 2016!

What I have noticed over the course of my training is that I’m able to spend more and more time on the drops when I ride. I know I mentioned this in a previous post so I won’t kick the arse out of it here but I must’ve spent 75% of the ride on the drops on this occasion so I’m definitely getting more used to it.

The last little bit of the ride was back into the wind but this was only for around 4 miles before I arrived back home to a sleeping child, a Sunday roast, a warm shower and a dog ready to be walked which helped to loosen my legs off. Big thanks as always to the wife for making it all possible.

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