Nowt wrong with a little brick

After an extremely dull day at work being tied to the desk I felt extremely lethargic. I got home and set tea (dinner for the more educated amongst you) going in the oven whilst I walked the dog as we waited for wife and son to return home from their day out.

The weather was warm, windy and overcast which made for a generally pleasant day but after eating our evening meal and then putting our son to bed I had a moment where I was about to get changed into my training gear where I said to my wife “what am I doing? It’s gone 8 and I don’t really know if I can be arsed to do this.”

Now I had planned to a do small brick session of about 15-20 miles on the bike and then a 5km run so I knew it’d involve some effort and I’d eaten not that long ago so I was seriously teetering on the edge of sacking it off.

But then my wife, wise and as on the money as always, hit me with a blinder. “Well you’ve got all your kit and you’ve got an event coming up soon so the question is how prepared do you want to be for it!?”

She left the question hanging there for me to ponder but that took all of about 2 seconds as I gave my head a shake and started getting changed into my tri suit and slapping on the chamois cream. She could not have wanted me more!

I’d always said that not only do I want to finish the Ironman but I want to be able to complete it without it feeling like some sort of torturous treatment hence all the early mornings, all the various drills, etc.

After gathering my stuff up I was out the door and on my bike. The winds, much like the other day, were a pain in the arse but you can’t stop nature and it’s always better to train hard and fight easy than the other way around. I got round the flat bike route, having spent about 75% of the ride on the drops, 20% on the tri bars and 5% on the uprights, with an average speed of around 19mph which I was happy with. I put the bike to bed and quickly threw on my trainers and headphones before setting off on the run.

The sun was disappearing fast by now but it was still really humid and as always it was a fast start because my heart rate and breathing were already up from the bike. I settled into the run quicker than I normally do on brick sessions and I put this down to my improved stamina since I last did one. I managed to stabilise my pace to a decent one and as I neared the end of the run I was even able to increase it for a quick blast down a Strava segment where I earned myself a new PB.

All in all I finished the brick session feeling much better than I started and looking forward to increasing the distances on the next one.

How easy it would have been to have missed this session off and just settled down in front of the tv. Thanks again to my wonderful wife for being the driving force when I needed it. It goes to show that your mind will often throw in the towel long before your body does. Conquer your mind and the world is yours for the taking. Wow that seemed way too deep for a shitty blog like this so I’ll end it there before I start sounding like some sort of Ted Talk.


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