Logan’s Run

It’s the weekend, it’s hot, it’s dry, the hay fever is kicking in and the wife’s on call so I can’t go far. We’ve got a bbq to go to soon so what better way to work an appetite in a short space of time than a quick 5k trail run round my favourite route. It was hot and my chest felt tight as the asthma battled with the hay fever but I pressed on with the sweat pouring down my back.

The run felt good though and the wild garlic smelt awesome as I passed it. Less awesome was having to closely overtake some nervous horse riders with rather skittish horses because as Sherlock once said “horses are deadly at both ends and crafty in the middle”.

The favourite bit of the run is always the downhill charge through the woods near the end where I get to feel a little bit like Wolverine. Well today I took it one step further and prior to shaving off the beard I decided to have a little fun with it and go full Logan/Victorian train conductor sideburns and then mess around with the pic afterwards for no reason other than because I could.

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