Decisions Decisions

I was lucky enough to chat with someone at work the other day who had just completed the Lanzarote Ironman and who has previously completed the UK Ironman so I took my opportunity to pick his brains over a few things I wanted some advice on.

The main point I was after clearing up was whether it was better to wear three separate outfits (basically one specific for each different discipline) or try and complete the whole thing in just a tri suit? I’d recently purchased a new tri suit but it was too tight across the shoulders so I’d sent it back and was wavering over whether to get the next size up or not as I was still somewhat unimpressed by how thin the chamois pad was despite the product description stating that it was suitable for iron distance events. Now the suit might be but my arse sure as hell isn’t and requires all the padding it can get!

The answer from my colleague was that he wore different outfits as comfort is the main reoccurring theme throughout the event as without that it’ll just feel like torture. This helped to reaffirm a niggling thought that I’d had already as it made perfect sense because let’s be honest, I’m not exactly ‘competing’ at the event, I’m just aiming to complete it so I should pick my battles and try to ensure that I finish each discipline in as good a shape as I can to help prepare me for the next one.

Now this will mean that I spend longer in transition but as somebody else pointed out I’d only lose time on the course if I was grimacing in pain so hopefully one or two minutes changing in between will mean that I can focus more on cracking on rather than my arse being on fire or my legs giving way.

Thanks to a 10 minute chat with someone who’s literally been there and done it I feel much more informed and it looks like it’s changed my plan in relation to kit. Never be unwilling to learn from others. You don’t have to do as they say or did necessarily but the extra knowledge will help inform your decisions.

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