Food glorious food

Less than a month to go now to the event and it finally dawned on me the other day how much my body is going to go through. I rode a loop of the bike route and was amazed at how poorly chosen it was (in my humble opinion). Maybe I’m just used to quiet country roads or decent road surfaces but the amount of traffic lights that I had to stop at, busy junctions I had to negotiate, potholes and cracks I had to avoid and steep declines into tight bends that scrubbed off all your speed left me feeling somewhat disappointed in the route. The part through the city centre was ‘interesting’ as cars came ever closer to wiping me out with their wing mirrors.

The main thing I took away from it though was a quick glance at my strava whilst loading the car up before the drive home showed id burnt through nearly 3000 calories on that ride. A quick look at my marathon a few weeks ago and I’d burnt a similar amount then so factoring in the extra lap on the bike and the swim I’m probably looking at just under 10000 calories burnt on event day! That’s roughly four times the recommended daily average for a man!

Now I’ve heard stories of people calling the bike section ‘the buffet car’ because of how much they eat but this has really made me think that I’m gonna have to plough myself full of flapjacks or something similar whilst pedalling round that travesty of a course otherwise I’m gonna be in negative calories before I even make it half way through the event. I can’t rely on just gels and drinks as otherwise I’ll end up doubled over in a ditch with stomach cramps and crop spraying from my back end. The next question is how do I carry it all? I might actually have to just stuff my cycle top pockets as full as possible and then rely on the feed stations for the rest.

Following on from my earlier thoughts I sent the new tri suit back and exchanged it for some new bib shorts for the bike and what a revelation they are. It seems that nature has blessed me with an arse that is more sensitive than a liberal millennial on social media so the new chamois was an actual delight to ride on and much better than my old ones.

I’ve also dropped the bike off for a service as although it was running ok, the gear cables needed tightening up and I’m pretty sure the chain could do with changing so whilst I could try and sort these things out myself or leave them a bit longer I wanted to make sure that it was as ready as could be to make it as efficient as possible so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Next weekend I’ve got Endure24 in Leeds which will be a good test of my general endurance but also being mindful not to push myself too hard and injure myself. It’ll also give me a chance to try out some different foods and see how they sit on my stomach. I’ll be honest though, I can’t wait to get back to eating just for the fun of it rather than because I need to fuel my body for a gruelling event.

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